R-Com Aquatics


The owner of R-COM Aquatics, Robert Dawes, since being a young boy was an enthusiastic hobbyist in fish keeping and has been in the ornamental fish retail and wholesale trade for over 26 years, which enables Robert to understand what the aquatic retailer is looking for.

R-COM Aquatics developed following Robert being made redundant 2012 and he knew the wholesale trade was missing an excellent wholesaler with efficient, profession, knowledge and quality products in which he could offer and provide customers. He started from scratch with a small tropical house which the business soon out grown and in 2015 the business moved to a larger premises where the fish house now holds over 200 tropical tanks.

The support and help in starting the business from Robert’s wife Claire and two children Olivia and Milly is why the business is called Robert, Claire, Olivia, Milly. R-COM Aquatics has now been wholesaling successfully for over 6 years.

what we do

Robert Dawes, the owner of R-COM Aquatics has travelled to various counties visiting farms and breeders at Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Czech Republic, Israel and the UK to name a few.

R-COM Aquatics holds a large range of quality tropical fish and can also offer import consolidation of tropical, marine, cold water fish, Koi and unusual species from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Czech Republic, Israel, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Africa and the UK.  

R-COM Aquatics offers a constant professional quality customer service to all of its customers no matter how big or small your business is.